Daily Text

A translation of lines 1 to 9

1. [stood there; Sa]turn set; Mars came out; the remainder of the planets

2. did not stand there. In its eclipse, the north wind which was set to the west side

3. blew; it was cold. 2 cubits in front of the front stars

4. of Cancer it became eclipsed. The 13th, sunrise to moonset: 9° 10', measured; the north wind blew,

5. the cold became severe. Ni[ght] of the 14th, sunset to moonrise: 8° 20';

6. clouds, I did not watch; very overcast. The 14th, all day clouds crossed the sky.

7. Night of the 15th, clouds crossed the sky, slow rain, much PISAN DIB.

8. The 15th, very overcast. Night of the 16th, all night clouds crossed the sky.

9. The 16th in the morning, overcast?."