Monthly Text

Lines 4 to 11 read:

4. for 1 shekel of wrought silver. At that time, Jupiter was in Aquarius;

5. Mercury was in Libra; Saturn was in Taurus; Mars was in Sagittarius. Around the 7th,

6. Mercury's last appearance in the east in Libra; the 7th, Jupiter became stationary in Aquarius;

7. [around] the 28th, Saturn's acronychal rising. The 29th, Mars reached Capricorn.

8. That [month,] the river level, from the 15th until the 24th, rose 6 fingers, total:

9. 26 ½ was the na (gauge); at the end of the month, it receded 2 fingers, total: 27 was the na (gauge).

10. .... That month, the .... the troops of the king

11. The general of Babylonia who is above the four generals