The 'Queen of the Night'

Hundreds of gods, goddesses and demons are known from ancient Mesopotamia. For many of them, we can match a name with a picture. However, there are some where we either have a picture and no name, or a name and no picture. This means that it is sometimes difficult to identify a god, goddess or demon.

The 'Queen of the Night' wears a headdress and carries the rod and ring symbols. She also has drooping wings and bird-like feet. She is shown standing on top of two lions, with an owl on either side.

The identity of the 'Queen of the Night' shown on the object below is a mystery. We know she is a goddess because of her horned crown and the symbols she holds in her hands. However, there are several goddesses that she could be.

Some experts believe that she is Ishtar, the goddess of love and war. But drooping wings were associated with the Underworld. She could be Ereshkigal, the goddess of the Underworld. However, we do not know exactly what Ereshkigal looked like.

The Queen of the Night

The 'Queen of the Night' could also be Lilitu, who is associated with owls. Lilitu is not a goddess, she is a demoness who made it difficult for women to have children. Lilitu appears in the Bible as Lilith.

Although we do not know exactly who she is, we have called her the 'Queen of the Night' because of her drooping wings, the owls on either side of her and because the background of the plaque was once black.



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