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Welcome to the British Museum's web site on Mesopotamia covering Sumer, Babylonia and Assyria. These ‘Staff Room' pages have been developed to help teachers get the most out of the web site for themselves and for their class. It is intended for upper Key Stage 2 schoolchildren and their teachers, but we hope that other groups may find it useful too.

Description of the site
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The Geography chapter presents the basic geographical features of Mesopotamia, the land of two rivers, and of modern Iraq; it also illustrates part of the Gilgamesh epic.

Gods, Goddesses, Demons and Monsters
The Gods, Goddesses, Demons and Monsters chapter illustrates a creation myth and gives information about the principal deities worshipped by the Mesopotamians.

The Time chapter explains how our knowledge of Mesopotamia has changed over time, and includes multiple time lines tracing different aspects of Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian culture.

The Writing chapter outlines the cuneiform script used in Mesopotamia, and explains where and how writing was used.

Palaces of Assyria
The Palaces of Assyria chapter explains the symbolic and political role of the Assyrian king's residence.

The Warfare chapter outlines the importance of the Assyrian army and the growth of an enormous empire.

Astronomers of Babylon
The Astronomers of Babylon chapter features information about the Babylonian scientists of their day and their skill at predicting the movement of the stars and planets.

Trade and Transport
The Trade and Transport chapter introduces pupils to some of the materials which were exchanged by Babylonian merchants using various forms of transport.

The Royal Tombs of Ur
The Royal Tombs of Ur chapter introduces the excavations of Ur by Leonard Woolley which revealed aspects of life and death in Sumer.

The Ziggurats chapter introduces pupils to the basic structure and use of ziggurats in ancient Sumer and their reuse in later Mesopotamia.

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Educational goals
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