You think you will rest in the boat until the captain is ready to sail the boat back to Ur. However, men start unloading all the goods and you start being trampled on as jars and sacks are lifted. Jumping ashore you decide to look for Iddin-Sin.

You wander through the busy, noisy alleyways leading away from the docks. Ahead you see Iddin-Sin with five porters carrying his goods and push through the crowds to reach him. Passing along several narrow alleyways, Iddin-Sin stops in front of a low arched doorway. He pushes it open and invites you to step inside. You find yourself in a large courtyard. It is Iddin-Sin's house. His wife and new baby are there to welcome him. The next day after a rest he will show you the best places to buy carnelian, copper and pearls. Your father will be very pleased by how much you have learnt.