You ask all the sailors at the dock of Nippur whether anybody is heading for Ur. You know that Iddin-Sin has relatives there and you hope to catch up with him before he sails for Dilmun. At last you find a boat that is leaving for Ur the following morning. The boat owner allows you on board if you help him load jars of beer.

Several days later, at midday, the small boat is paddled alongside the quay at Ur and you help unload the beer. You are given a small jar of beer as a thank-you and make your way into town. After asking many people, you discover where Iddin-Sin 's relatives live and knock on their door.

You are too late. Iddin-Sin has already left.

Do you find a way home to Sippar or do you chase after Iddin-Sin?

home to Sippar chase after Iddin-Sin