Nur-Shamash and Tappum are walking at a fast pace, so you hurry to catch up with them.

After many hours of walking, Nur-Shamash stops and says it is time for a rest. You are tired and hungry and very happy to take a break. Nur-Shamash has laid a worn blanket on the dry ground and unwraps some dried fish and bread. He passes around a waterskin. You gratefully take a drink of water.

It is a popular place for caravans to rest. Not far away you can see the tents of a large group of people. Tappum recognises them as employees of the merchant Nabium-malik. They are heading towards the city of Mari beside the river Euphrates.

Do you join the caravan of Nabium-malik or return to your donkey and follow Nur-Shamash and his son?

join the caravan follow Nur-Shamash